What is iBugle?

iBugle is where you can announce your business. iBugle promotes local businesses by making them show up and stand out from the crowd in local search results. iBugle is not an advertising platform or agency – so the services and smart solutions of iBugle are FREE to local businesses.

Join one of the 50,000+ local business that will be verified this month. See how we can help announce your business.

How do we iBugle?

At iBugle, we collect and continuously update information about local businesses and provide verified, up to date and Rich Content. This information is made available to subscribers. This helps consumers discover local businesses and up to date offerings on a wide range of devices. The iBugle team in your community may even be people you know such as your local Chamber of Commerce. These are the people working directly with your friends and neighbors to help announce your business through iBugle.

Why iBugle?

Every day, local businesses struggle to compete with national chains and large store brands. Limited web presence and comparatively small ad budgets make it difficult for local businesses to have a fair chance. Announcing their business with iBugle is FREE!

iBugle helps consumers discover local businesses on a wide range of devices. iBugle collects and continuously updates information about local businesses and provides verified, up to date & Rich Content about every local business in the country. Working with iBugle, local businesses can stand out from the crowd in local search results. 

Ready to iBugle?

Create a profile today and our team of local representatives will contact you right away to get you started with iBugle!

Our Service Partners

Some of our Service Partners who enable the iBugle to provide highest quality and value includes

Texas A&M University

Texas A&M University