Higher satisfaction through accurate results.

Accurate and complete results drive higher satisfaction and loyalty among consumers. Subscribe to iBugle’s business data and say goodbye to stale and outdated Business Information.

iBugle’s wide network of DCPs work continuously with local merchants and business communities to collect verified, up to date and Rich Content. The subscribers are always only one step away from the local merchants.

Does this happen to you? 

Wide Coverage

Local businesses are not limited to metro areas only, they are across the country. iBugle covers over 90% of the local businesses in the country.

Continuous Contact to Local Businesses

Data subscribers are always only one step away from the local merchants enabling them to access new market opportunities.

High Quality Business Information

High coverage of verified, up to date and Rich Content enables subscribers to be ready for the future.

iBugle is proud to work with these local data collection partners.


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Why choose iBugle data service?

Verified, up to date and Rich Content makes worthy results

Higher participation from local businesses increases relevance

Minimize amount of data sources

Decentralize data collection

No more stale and outdated business information

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