Invest in great results.

iBugle is empowering the results for local search. Our approach will benefit consumers and local businesses by creating local partnerships that strengthen search with verified, up to date and Rich Content. This is highly beneficial to search results where great content is of great value.

iBugle is a Game Changer.

iBugle promotes and empowers local businesses with announcing their business. Across the country iBugle is creating an extensive network of local partnerships to facilitate the collection and continuous population of local business data that is verified, up to date and Rich. This will have a direct and influential impact on local search results.

How Big is the Opportunity?

It’s Big. Current search data subscribers like Google, Bing, Yahoo! Spend over $5 billion a year on acquiring local business data. Quality Content Drives Value. Bing pays from $3 to $27 per business depending on quality and richness of the content.

iBugle is Free to Local Businesses

There is no charge for a local businesses announce through iBugle. They can also visit the iBugle information platform and update their search content at any time, and at no cost.

Consumers Find the Best Content

Outside the large metro areas, a very small percentage of Local Businesses show up in your search results, most of which are outdated.  Soon, 80% of local searches will be done using connected devices other than PC, rendering the conventional search obsolete. Geo-fencing & profiling sensors increasingly depend on Verified & Rich business data


What we’ve discovered.

Building our Data Collection Partner (DCP) Network

We quickly learned we only need a few dozen DCPs in each state for success.

Merchant Education

There is a need for verified and rich business data to drive local results and content.


Local industry trade organizations, Chamber of Commerce and merchant associations are very eager to support local businesses in the new digital era. This invaluable support strengthens, encourages and builds membership.

Growth and Expansion

Our business model is easily scalable for rapid growth and expansion nationwide. 

Ready to iBugle?

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